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Quick Draw Saga is a first person, VR western themed shooter. It's definitely still in the making but there are a slew of features that are available.

The base of the game is built around the quick draw feature testing your quick reflexes and thinking. The game draws inspiration from classic arcade shooters from the famicom era mixing 3D, VR, and 8-bit graphics.

What is being developed up top is the RANGE bit. One of the minigames that will be included to test your skills. Anyone that remembers Hogans Alley will see familiarity with this section. The main thing is to make sure you have FUN, and how are we doing that? Adding surprises in each step to keep it interesting.

One way to do this was to beef up the playspace making the building feel much more "VR".

This is currently the latest version of the range. Added many more floors to it to give it verticality. Next up is fine tuning those waves!

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