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Baking with Unity. Hot tip!

There were so many shadows in Quick Draw Saga that it severely dropped the frame rate in general. This is pretty bad considering that the game MUST run at 90 frames per second. The solution is to OPTIMIZE and when it comes to lighting your scene, the way to go is to BAKE. The video above is a bit of a goof but I really couldn't find a way to do it quickly so this video could help get someone in the right direction. It's definitely much more complicated than this, and takes much longer as well but very necessary for any game.

Just a quick explanation: Baking the shadows basically forms the shadow into your scene so it doesn't need to cast shadows as the game is running. It's best to bake objects you know will never move like buildings or props (which is why you set it to static). It really will optimize the game to run faster!

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